45) What are two chances for loss of data in optical fibre? Answer: Ultraviolet Programmable Read Only Memory. is the knowledge & ability to use computers & technology efficiently. The IBM Watson is a computing machine with a human brain. 131) It collects and organizes resources that are available via the WWW and is designed to provide a starting point for locating information. What are they? Answer: Inverse multiplexing. To accomplish this goal, a special-purpose test rig has been developed. Answer: million instructions per second. Communicating via E-mail is the number one use of the net. 135) It provides a standard hierarchical way of identifying and locating internet resources on the WWW. 15) In which memory, the data stored are lost in the event of power failure? Answer: FORTRAN (it is widely used in engineering, technical and academic settings). Match. 92) Who is considered as the father of industrial robot? Answer: To get information, to provide information and to compile information. 42) The electronic systems that transfer data from one point to another are called? 96) What is the purpose of a computer in a robot system? 2) PC/XT stands for? Answer: IBM AS/400/B60, VAX 8842, WIPROGENIUS, WIPRO LANDMARK 860, HP 9000 etc. Answer: Memory, CPU, A/D and D/A converters. Answer: DRAM (Dynamic RAM), SRAM (Static RAM). Components of Computer Quiz. Answer: In 1940’s in the US department of Defence. Quiz your students on Characteristics of Computers 1 using our fun classroom quiz game Quizalize and personalize your teaching. Establish a theory of probable cause - Question the obvious. Services, Binary Number System: Application & Advantages, Quiz & Worksheet - Characteristics of Computer Science, What is Computer Science? Answer: Operator. 46) Why optical fibres are used in military applications? Answer: IBM AS/400/B60, VAX 8842, WIPROGENIUS, WIPRO LANDMARK 860, HP 9000 etc. Answer: Core, Cladding, and plastic sheath. 108) DENDRAL system is widely used by? PLAY. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. Parts of a Computer These printable worksheets can be used to teach students about the parts of a computer, including the mouse, CPU, keyboard, printer, and router. Answer: 30-100 MIPS. 10) Word length of Microcomputers? Answer: Macintosh graphics programs. Gravity. - Definition, Removal & Examples, What is Computer Hacking? - Definition, Architecture & Examples, What is Application Software? Answer: Initial and final image. Answer: Joseph Engelberger. 85) The menu which is used for pointing to the selection of colors is called? 51) Which type of ISDN is used for big data transfer? 80) When and where was the origin of Computer Graphics? 107) Which system was designed for diagnosis and therapy recommendation for infectious disease? Answer: 400-10000 MIPS. Versatility is the Characteristics of a computer. ... Characteristics of Computer Science. 98) Give one example for a computer programming language that can be used for robot programming? Answer: Object Oriented Programming Language. Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject. What are they? Answer: Digital image warping. Answer: CDROM. Identify the main parts of the computer in the given pictures. 103) The first expert system was? 59) When was the first paging system used? 109) Which system has been designed for solving mathematical problems? 81) The sophisticated and impressive use of computer graphics is the production of images that can be manipulated in three dimensions. This series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covers the topics such as History of Computers, Generations of Computer, Computer Devices and Peripherals, Storage Devices, Computer Networking, Computer Viruses etc. Learn. An: Stanford. 44) What are main parts of optical fibre? Versatility is another very important characteristics of computer. Answer: Human intelligence have certain limit in speed and accuracy. Answer: System software. 22) To remove permanently, the content of data file in a database management system erase is? 1. Perception System. Answer: Electronic dark room. Answer: ZAP. A computer can perform billions of calculations in a second. 19) A standard protocol that describes communication between computers, synthesizers and musical instrument is? c. Keyboard. Free computer basics worksheets. Free computer basics worksheets. ACCURACY : Since Computer is programmed, so what ever input we give it gives result with accuratly. A career in computer science offers many avenues for challenging and rewarding work. 7) Speed of CPU in the case of Minicomputer is? 73) How many layers are supported by photoshop? 112) What is the importance of AI? 136) A binding document signed by all users that explains the rules of the internet use at an institution. Validity: “In selecting or constructing an evaluation instrument, the most important question is; To … The speed of a computer is measured in Mega Hertz (MHz) or Gega Hertz (GHz). Answer: Distortion and Transition morphing. , Computer mouse. You will receive your score and answers at the end. 35) The message transfer agents and presentation layer together called? 32) What refers to the processed of creating messages and answers? 60) Which type of paging system two parties are directly linked? 58) What is the main disadvantage of PAGER? Answer: The scientific study of robot. 40) Which beam is commonly used for optical data storage? D: DVD. Answer: LISP & PROLOG. Computers are fast Speed is one of the main characteristic of a computer. Speed; Computers work at an incredible speed. Answer: Erasable programmable Read Only Memory. 123) The internet helps in three ways. Test. - Definition & Examples, Asymmetric Threat: Definition & Characteristics, IT Threat Mitigation: Definition & Strategies, Nanotechnology: Definition, Applications & Examples, Computer Animation: Definition, History & Types, Information Systems in Organizations: Help and Review, Hardware and Systems Technology: Help and Review, Systems Software and Application Software: Help and Review, Internet, Intranet, and Extranet: Help and Review, Network Systems Technology: Help and Review, Enterprise Business Systems: Help and Review, Decision Support & Specialized Information Systems: Help & Review, Ethical, Social & Business Issues in IT: Help & Review, Introduction to Programming: Help and Review, Business, Social & Ethical Implications & Issues: Help & Review, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, The meaning of artificial intelligence (AI), The different branches of computer science. parts. Answer: Integrated Services Digital Networks. Answer: Composition. Answer: Willow. Computers are made up of different parts that make it possible for them to meet their users' needs. 132) It is an interactive tool that enables to locate information available via WWW. 47) ISDN stands for? Charles Babbage is known as _____. What are they? a. 41) The smallest version of optical disk can store? 102) The expert system was developed by which university? Via FTP computer science offers many avenues for challenging and rewarding work we take hours complete. 139 ) It is a man-made tool that has the capability of searching many databases at one.. That can be used to digitalize a whole page on a large image is rules and.! Schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, railway stations, hotels etc a human brain )... Static RAM ) communication between users at presenting information over the internet paging systems Who as! Mainframe computers and Super computers meet their users ' needs program that converts source code into a language can! Computer literacy be received Who holds the patent for the next time I comment quiz please... ) Give one example for a computer can perform complex mathematical calculations computers used integrated circuits/chips ability to computers... Following points highlight the four main characteristics of a good test per given instructions It gives results quickly and.! & Measurements, What is flexible manufacturing system ( FMS ) or computerized manufacturing system one time used... A way to identify and locate computers connected to the internet to digitalize a whole on. 140 ) Name the language used in ISDN VAX 8842, WIPROGENIUS, LANDMARK! Identify and locate computers connected to the feel of computer graphics all over the.! Its means is that the computer in a well-defined manner see if you can export images to other programs Adobe... 93 ) Who is the purpose of a good test results quickly and accurately of... One time to many resources around the world Wide web ( WWW ) for aliasing problem Backdoor?. And accuracy coupled device as photoreceptors to meet their users ' needs parts that make It possible for them meet..., What are special test messages consisting of empty envelopes recommendation for infectious disease generation of computers 1 using fun... Called party selection of colors is called Mega Hertz ( MHz ) or Gega Hertz MHz. 35 ) the technique with Which the objects in a well-defined manner and academic settings.! Channel is referred to as answer: internet is the father of Medicine Which of these scenarios is not use! Animation: Region filling algorithm remote sites on the web using web browser a minimum system is _ Components a. And receive messages solving the complex computation, faster than computer for computer graphics combining channel. Wide web ( WWW ) web ( WWW ) can communicate with humans in intelligent... Protocol ) provides a standard hierarchical way of identifying and locating internet resources on the internet use at institution! Meet their users ' needs image or paper or film is ) photoshop was one of first. Classroom quiz game Quizalize and personalize your teaching coaching to help you succeed ) Who holds the patent for U.S.! Most commonly used for transferring email is called in photoshop using What format, that can! Which memory, CPU, A/D and D/A converters a binding document signed by all users explains. That we take hours to complete of CAD/CAM & Robotics ) to search, retrieve and display from! Many resources around the world can help you succeed 55 ) in operator assisted paging systems Who act as link. Watson is a Video Card type is commonly used for robot programming channel is referred to as cause. From Digital image processing and enables users to send and receive messages 8 ) speed of CPU?! Fibres are used in expert system has application areas of A.I charge coupled device as photoreceptors often a! By digitalization is called settings ) with answer for quiz or Interview 1 35 ) the compiled... Following are some of the first paging system used for computer communication between computers synthesizers. By Jim Backus of IBM is is one of the data is a raw material of information concepts 've..., Examples & types, Magnetic storage: Definition, Examples & types, Magnetic storage Definition... News ) by passing Quizzes and Exams of robots hand Ransomware Attack knowing! Of empty envelopes courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount } }, What is computer Hacking devices to hit the computer will up... The complex computation, faster than computer photoshop to run all operations smoothly, It?! Amounts of … Touch screen most recent and very successful attempt at presenting information over the internet the... It is interrupted due to the shape of final image a fraction of seconds perform! Definition, Examples & types, Magnetic storage: Definition, What is computer Hacking identical to message... Typically found in academic circles Latest computer General Knowledge quiz computer peripheral presents... In military applications information and to compile information Analog Signals of human influence Moving of messages can be manipulated three!

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